Giorgio Tarditi Spagnoli PhD is a free researcher in Spiritual Science, or Anthroposophy, founded by Rudolf Steiner. He strives to unite the rigor of the scientific investigation of nature with the understanding of the world of the Soul and the Spirit, in Man and in the Cosmos.

He is Naturopath, Bach Flower Therapist, Pranotherapist and Counselor. He holds a degree in Natural Sciences and a doctorate in Educational Sciences, with a thesis in Archetypal Psychology and Evolution.

Biosophy: Biographical Studies Counseling

  • We are spirits that make a human experience, unique and unrepeatable, which we call Biography.
  • However, when we are not aware of the immense archetypal forces that act in life, we lose the meaning of events.
  • Biographical Counseling helps us to recognize our potential, to make conscious choices for our spiritual evolution.

This is how a Biographical Counseling session takes place…

  1. Let’s talk about your biography, from birth to the interview, and how we would like to evolve spiritually. We divide your biography into seven years and discover its operating rhythms and strengths.
  2. We draw a picture by images of the archetypes in play, recognising and interpreting them.
  3. We outline how to write the following of the biography in full consciousness. Let’s go back together to walk towards freedom!

Tarosophy: the Wisdom of the Tarot

  • The Tarot, or vulgarly “Tarot”, is usually considered as an instrument of “divination of the future”, a misinterpretation of what is a real Initiatory Journey.
  • The Tarot is instead a spiritual being, consecrated to Sofia, Wisdom, which is embodied in the form of symbolic images of the Major and Minor Arcana. From the meeting between Anthroposophy and the Tarot is born the Tarosofia, the Wisdom of the Tarot.
  • The Tarot, through the universal symbolic images of the Arcana, tells both of the biography of the human being and of his relationship with the spiritual world.

This is how a Tarot Counseling session takes place…

  1. We ask the question the more we care about and that concerns our own initiatory journey, from which we will choose the images of the Major Arcana.
  2. Let us apply the Major Arcana to the seven-year-olds of your biography and discover its operating rhythms and forces.
  3. Through the living relationship with the Major Arcana we will understand how in the question we have asked there is already the answer. Let’s go back together to walk towards freedom!

Oneirosophy: the Symbolic Work on Dreams

  • Dreams manifest themselves in sleep, in the state of consciousness in which the astral body and the ego are detached from the physical and etheric body. Their symbolic substance originates from the Astral World, where the I and the astral body ascend in sleep.
  • Dreams will come from the unconscious during the course of biographical counseling, to symbolize the transmutation in progress.
  • We will work with the symbols that will come to meet us giving us directions on how to continue on our path.

This is how a session about Dream Work takes place this way…

  1. Let’s talk about dreams, be they a unique and enigmatic or recurring event.
  2. Together we understand all the symbols present in the dream, linking them to mythology, to alchemy, to the cabal, to the spiritual traditions of the world.
  3. We outline how to write the following of the biography in full consciousness. Let’s go back together to walk towards freedom!

Associated Methods

  • Relaxation Techniques: four-stroke breathing and emptying of the inner space to gain confidence in exploring the inner space of the soul and at the same time to detach the body from the frenetic rhythms of everyday life;
  • Guided Meditation: it allows the soul to explore both its interior space and travel through the celestial spheres to discover the archetypes that act in Nature, in man and in the Cosmos;
  • Meditation in Time: a guided meditation back in time to discover the archetypes acting in the past to recover memories that we had forgotten, or vice versa ahead in time to explore the ideals that move us towards the future;
  • Interpretation of Drawings: we will interpret together the drawings that will be assigned during the course of Counseling, bringing to mind the archetypes portrayed as well as their evolution over time.


In order to avoid misunderstandings we remind you that Naturopathy has nothing to do with medicine, only the doctor can diagnose and treat organic diseases. Furthermore, Naturopathy is never in contrast with Medicine. Naturopathy deals with maintaining the well-being of the person, as well as with disharmonies present in the absence of organic or psychic pathologies.