July 22 – Saint Mary Magdalene

22nd July – Saint Mary Magdalene Today we celebrate St. Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene has returned powerfully into the collective imagination, despite the materialistic destruction operated by the “royal bloodline” current, which became famous with the Da Vinci Code. Rudolf Steiner tells us that Mary Magdalene is the first of the Three Marys to announce … More July 22 – Saint Mary Magdalene

Spiritual-scientific aspects of the Coronavirus

Nature and the human I am Originally the archetype of man, the Adam Kadmon, was one with the archetype of Nature, since it originated from the progressive expulsion of the components that had to make themselves objective in the process of evolution of man’s ego. After the Expulsion from Paradise, the archetype of man is … More Spiritual-scientific aspects of the Coronavirus

Harmonies and Disharmonies in Naturosophy

Arild Rosenkrantz “The Fourth Seal of Apocalypse” Lucifer and Ahriman In Anthroposophic Naturopathy disharmonies can be of two different types, depending on their “thin temperature”: hot or cold disharmonies. In fact, the three systems of the human organism, when in harmony, are not in their own temperature state (36°/97°F), but also as dynamism, neither too … More Harmonies and Disharmonies in Naturosophy

The Shadow Double and the Guardian of the Threshold

The Double or Shadow In order to understand the Double or, according to Jung, the Shadow, also known by the German term Doppelgänger, we must first take into account that it is multiple. Unlike the Guardian Angel, whose individuality is unitary, the Double is made up of multiple aspects, sometimes in contrast to each other. … More The Shadow Double and the Guardian of the Threshold