The Rosicrucian Rules of Paracelsus

This is the profound doctrine of Love that springs from the Rosicrucian teachings, as testified by the words of Paracelsus:  He who knows nothing, loves nothing. He who does nothing, understands nothing. He who understands nothing is despicable. But he who understands, loves, sees, observes. The greatest Knowledge is inextricably joined with Love. Being Love … More The Rosicrucian Rules of Paracelsus

The Seal of VITRIOL

The seal of the VITRIOL, the most complete representation of the alchemical process on a seven-year basis (represented here in a colour version) in its most iconic representation. The origin of this acronym can be traced back to the founder of the Rose+Cross Fraternity, Christian Rosenkreutz (1378 – 1484), but the seal in question appears … More The Seal of VITRIOL

Rosicrucian Wisdom

The Rose-Cross as a union of East and West The connection between Arab and Rosicrucian esoteric wisdom is declared in the Rosicrucian Manifestos themselves, when we learn that Christian Rosenkreutz, also known as Christian Rose-Cross, went to Damcar, in Yemen, to learn the secrets of the wise. He remained at Damcar more than expected just … More Rosicrucian Wisdom