Giorgio Tarditi Spagnoli PhD is a free researcher in Spiritual Science, or Anthroposophy, founded by Rudolf Steiner. He strives to unite the rigor of the scientific investigation of nature with the understanding of the world of the Soul and the Spirit, in Man and in the Cosmos.

I organize monthly meetings of Anthroposophy in Chiavari, in Tigullio, as well as in Genoa. I am also available to hold meetings on the Western Mysteries Tradition in the light of Anthroposophy, as well as on Anthroposophical Natural Healing and Biographical Studies.

Also available for individual and group meetings via Skype.

Anthroposophical Natural Healing

Naturosophy: Anthroposophical Naturopathy

For Anthroposophical Naturopathy the human body is not a machine, it is a miniature Cosmos. The vital forces that pervade our body are the expression of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms that make up Nature. Each of our body imbalance is therefore an expression of a natural need. Restores the harmony of your physical and vital body through the integration of natural substances, extracted from crystals and plants.

Florisophy: Anthroposophic Flower Therapy

In addition to the physical and vital body, there is the soul of man. It has a project to be completed in all its manifestations: finding the Spirit. Unfortunately the soul can get stuck in its evolution: blind alleys, wrong choices, lack of courage. Becoming conscious enables us to understand where we are wrong. Bach Flowers are flower essences capable of supporting the soul in its battle to reach its spiritual destination, every day.

Pranosophy: Energy Techniques

The ether of the Cosmos is the vital force that descends from the heavenly heights into Nature, into minerals, vegetables and animals. Not so for the man of today, who in the frenzy of everyday life must consciously return to this free flow of cosmic forces. Individual life is thus separated from the cosmic one, generating an imbalance. However it is only in this detachment that man finds his individual conscience, and it is through the awareness that he must return to universal life. Find harmony in the flow of the ether, the link between man and the Cosmos through pranotherapy treatments.

Biosophy: Biography study

We are spirits that make a human experience. Only the spirit finds the meaning of things, of people, the meaning of its own life on Earth. If you want to know yourself, look in the world; if you want to know the world, search in yourself. Only when body, soul and spirit are in perfect harmony with Nature and the Cosmos, man finds his ego. All this is possible through the division into biography of the seventies and the recognition of the archetypes and the forces acting on it. The Science of the Spirit helps us to understand our potential, to make conscious choices, to orient ourselves in the path of spiritual evolution.


Western Mysteries

Anthroposophy, Science of the Spirit

Never as in our times does one need to unite what has been divided. It is through the science of the spirit of Rudolf Steiner, through which we arrive at an objective understanding of the spiritual world and its relationship with the cosmos, man and nature. Only the ego, the divine spark, allows us to keep together every paradox, this is also the science of the ego. In this seminar we will learn how to orient ourselves in the immense panorama of Anthroposophy.

Tarosophy: the Wisdom of the Tarot

The Tarot, or vulgarly “Tarot”, is usually considered as an instrument of “divination of the future”, a misinterpretation of what is a real Initiatory Journey. The Tarot is instead a spiritual being, consecrated to Sofia, Wisdom, which is embodied in the form of symbolic images of the Major and Minor Arcana. From the meeting between Anthroposophy and the Tarot the Tarosophy is born, the Wisdom of the Tarot. The Tarot, through the universal symbolic images of the Arcana, tells both of the biography of the human being and of his relationship with the spiritual world.

Esoteric Symbolism

Everything in the physical world is an expression of the spiritual world, and it expresses itself in an occult language that is the symbol. The symbol is a living expression of spiritual beings. It is through the conscious understanding of the meaning of the symbol and its relations with other symbols that the understanding of what is hidden happens. In this seminar we will learn how to interpret esoteric symbols so that they act as living doors to the spiritual world.

Cosmic Evolution

The cosmos has a spiritual history that precedes the physical one. From each previous state derives by metamorphosis the next one, so that today is the summation of all the metamorphoses of the past cosmic evolution, under the wise direction of the Creative Hierarchies. The science of the spirit shows us the evolution of the enigma of the world through a series of metamorphoses: from fire, to air, to water to earth, we arrive at our Earth and its living beings. In each one of them unfolds the being of the world that comes from past gifts to reach us in the here and now. In this seminar we will learn the succession of states of consciousness in the Metamorphoses of the Earth.

Spiritual Evolution of Man

Everything is evolving because everything has a certain degree of consciousness. Every physical effect finds its cause in the spiritual world. Here unfolds the evolution of man, represented in myths all over the world, passing through Lemuria and Atlantis; through the eras of culture from ancient India to today. In this seminar we will learn about the occult history of man and his journey towards the expansion of consciousness.

Angelic and Demonic Hierarchies

Man’s relationship with other spiritual beings is continuous and yet considered unknowable. Yet there is no form that is not filled with spiritual life. In fact we live immersed in the consequences of this relationship and we can therefore recognize the action of those same beings in the life of the world. Both the spirits of evolution and those of the obstacle work in the soul in man and in the being of the world. In this seminar we will learn about the nature of angels and demons and their role in evolution.

Man’s Occult Constitution

What we see of ourselves is only a small part of what we do not experience with the physical senses. Feeling, thought and will all have their source only in what man is accessible to the higher senses. Yet superior bodies establish what really makes us human. In this seminar we will learn the different subdivisions of human subtle bodies, based on 3, 4, 7 and 9 and their relationships.

Ascended Masters

Just as angels precede man in evolution, there are men who precede men in the evolution towards the angel. These are the masters of all ages and of all cultures, anticipators of future humanity: it is their providential intervention that has allowed the human soul to transcend itself. In this seminar we will learn about the 12 Masters of Wisdom or Bodhisattvas and their role in human spiritual history.

Esoteric Christology

It is not possible to understand the evolution of the world unless we understand that Christ is not a man, but the very spirit through which evolution comes into being. The central event of the entire planetary chain is the Mystery of Golgotha, when divinity and humanity are coincided, opening to man the possibility of evolving to become himself and therefore God. In this seminar we will learn the interpretation of the New Testament according to the esoteric Christianity of John, as well as the Gnostic currents all in the light of Anthroposophy.

Imaginative Meditation

Today, Western man has the mission to recover his own spiritual tradition. But this mission cannot be accomplished except through the practice of meditation based on the teachings of the esotericism of Western schools. It is only thus that it is possible to reach direct understanding of the spiritual world. In this seminar we will learn the Rosicrucian and anthroposophical concentration and meditation techniques.

Hermetic Kabbalah

The ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah has been handed down to us in the form of the glyph of the Tree of Life, composed of the ten Sephiroth and the 22 Paths of Wisdom. When Jewish wisdom joined with Egyptian hermeticism, the Hermetic Kabbalah was born. In it are gathered all the existing symbolic correspondences, as well as all the pantheon of ancient civilizations. Everything finds its place in the Kabbalah and therefore also the man here finds himself in the Cosmos. In this seminar we will learn the rudiments of Kabbalah and use as a means of exploring the macrocosm and in the microcosm.

Spiritual Alchemy

The ancient western wisdom of Alchemy had nothing to do with the creation of physical gold, and everything to do with the birth of the Philosophic Gold in the heart of man, his Spirit Regenerated after the Fall in matter. It is in the transmutation of matter that the alchemist found the means to transmute his own soul, a method that today we can apply to our own soul to reach the spirit. In this seminar we will learn the rudiments of Spiritual Alchemy and use as a means of inner transmutation of vices into virtue.

Spiritual Astrology

From the meeting of anthroposophy and astrology, the Astrosophy is born, the Wisdom of the Stars, brought into the world by the anthroposophic Willi Sucher. The Creative Hierarchies act according to the plan of cosmic evolution, down to the smallest details of the birth chart. However, the purpose of man is not to be a slave to astral impulses, but to fully become himself, thus able to give back to the spirit what it has given us for our evolution. In this seminar we will learn how to interpret a birth chart according to the indications of astrosophy.